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07.09.2005    World Cup Qualifiers: CONCACAF 2006 2nd Round Group A     Official Site
Kostarika  2-0  Trinidad in Tobago
(1-0, 1-0)
03.09.2005 Panama - Kostarika 1-3 Prejšnje igreTrinidad in Tobago - Gvatemala 3-2 03.09.2005
Primerjava Kostarika vs Trinidad in Tobago
Primerjava before 07.09.2005 (Pro)

kvote 1x2 KostarikaxTrinidad in Tobago
Stavnice pov 1.51  3.65  6.18

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2nd Round Group A League Table before 07.09.2005 Prosim, registrirajte se ali se prijavite