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Goal Difference table added to head-to-head statistics
We have added practical Goal Difference table to our head-to-head statistics. You can now easily see team's wins and losses by one and two goals.

Statistics Pro customers gets a lots of more out of this as they can see data for lots of more games and filter the views by odds, league, season, playoffs, regular season etc. Time Machine feature lets you go back in time to a specific date to view all the stats for teams for your research purposes. There is an easy shortcut to a Time Machine in every game detail page. You can get there by clicking any game's result.
Does intuition have a place in sports betting?
Many “casual” bettors choose their bets through “gut feeling” about what they think will happen during an event, an approach which does not lend itself to profitable betting. Does this mean more skilled bettors can rule out utilising their intuition entirely?

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Using first leg results to predict Champions League ties
Two-legged Champions League ties present an interesting opportunity for bettors. How does the first leg result affect the return fixture? How often do teams qualify after a first leg defeat? Is a 2-1 home win a good result? Read on to find out more.

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Both Teams To Score betting analysis
Taking in-depth approach to analysing Both Teams To Score (BTTS) betting, it is clear that there is more to it than a flip of a coin. Despite the almost 50/50 statistics from a large sample size, this type of bet is dependant on the two teams playing, how they play, their previous results and even when the game is taking place.

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Analysing home advantage in soccer
The advantage of playing games at home in most sports is widely accepted as fact, but is this actually the case? Is playing at home an advantage in soccer and if so, how do we measure that advantage?

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