Wizard of Odds

Arbitrage Calculator
Enter best odds for 2-100 results in any odds format EU/UK/US to calculate possible arbitrage (sure profit).
Cover Calculator
Helps you 'cover' your 1x2 bets. For example if you bet away win, you can calculate correct stake for a tie/draw to get your money back (like moneyline). Cover bet is usually a draw (x). You can enter EU/UK/US style odds.
In moneyline (or 0:0 handicap) bet you normally get your stake back when game ends tie (draw) -so you only bet the winner. With this calculator you can convert either 1x2 odds (EU/UK/US) or 1x2 probability percentages to moneyline probability percentages and odds.
Odds Converter
Enter 1-100 odds in any format (EU/UK/US) to convert them