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28.11.2020 15:00 CET
FPS - K-Espoo1X 2%
Titan Bet 5.004.751.5093
Betsson 4.905.401.4994
Expekt 4.605.001.4891
gms4.83 5.05 1.49 93
28.11.2020 14:00 CET
Dynamo Moscow - Amur Khabarovsk1X 2%
Betsson 1.425.206.3095
ComeOn 1.426.006.0096
Titan Bet 1.385.256.5094
Expekt 1.386.256.7597
gms1.40 5.68 6.39 95
28.11.2020 14:15 CET
Plzeň - Vítkovice1X 2%
ComeOn 1.694.504.2095
Betsson 1.664.454.2094
Titan Bet 1.624.504.3393
Expekt 1.604.754.2093
gms1.64 4.55 4.23 94
29.11.2020 14:00 CET
Björklöven - Väsby IK HK1X 2%
Expekt 1.169.7511.5095
Betsson 1.1510.0012.0095
Titan Bet 1.1010.0017.0094
gms1.14 9.92 13.50 95
29.11.2020 16:30 CET
Miskolci JJSE - Nové Zámky1X 2%
Expekt 2.104.302.7093
29.11.2020 16:00 CET
Detva - Poprad1X 2%
Expekt 3.804.751.6593
03.12.2020 14:00 CET
Magnitogorsk - SKA St. Petersburg1X 2%
Expekt 2.754.302.1093
Titan Bet 2.753.952.2093
Expekt 2.704.302.1594

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