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09.04.2021    Saudi Professional League 2020-2021     Sito ufficiale
Al Taawon  3-0  Al-Ain Saudi FC
(1-0, 2-0)
20.03.2021 Al-Shabab Riyadh - Al Taawon 1-3 Gare precedentiAl-Ain Saudi FC - Al-Wehda Club (Mecca) 4-0 21.03.2021
Compara Al Taawon vs Al-Ain Saudi FC
Compara prima 09.04.2021 (Pro)

Quote 1x2 Al TaawonxAl-Ain Saudi FC
Dafabet 1.70  3.45  4.15

1. Metà 1x2 (1-0)Al TaawonxAl-Ain Saudi FC
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