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17.09.2021    Suomen Cup 2021 плей-офф 1/2 Finals     Die offizielle Webseite
IPK  1-4  K-Espoo
(0-2, 1-1, 0-1)
15.09.2021 K-Espoo - IPK 3-0 die letzten MatchsK-Espoo - IPK 3-0 15.09.2021
Vergleich IPK vs K-Espoo
Vergleich bevor 17.09.2021 (Pro)

Quoten 1x2 IPKxK-Espoo
Betsson 2.85  4.75  1.72

What distinguishes winning from losing bettors?
One way to distinguish winning from losing players is to look at the odds a player received when they made their bet and compare it with the Pinnacle closing line. Consistently beating the closing odds at Pinnacle can be a strong indicator of long-term betting profits.

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