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19.08.2010   Finnish Kolmonen Satakunta 2010     Official Site
P-Iirot Reservi  2-2  PiTu
(2-1, 0-1)
10.08.2010 Rauma FC - P-Iirot Reservi 1-1 Previous GamesPiTu - MuSa 2 1-2 12.08.2010
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Odds 1x2 P-Iirot ReservixPiTu
NordicBet 1.25  4.50  5.70

Weather Effect on Euro 2016 Betting
To make a Euro 2016 betting profit, bettors should also consider a rarely discussed but potentially major factor: the impact of French summer weather. Sports journalist, Alex Keble, takes a look at individual matches to define the key winners and losers. Don't place a bet on Euro 2016 before reading this.

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