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WooFBet becomes FanTeam: A new standard in Daily Fantasy Football is born!
FanTeamWooFBet has been one of the most popular Daily Fantasy Football providers and some of the readers might be already familiar with the name. WooFBet has been re-branded to over the summer, and the new website has been officially launched last week! First of all: if you are an existing WooFBet customer, all your account … Continue reading WooFBet becomes FanTeam: A new standard in Daily Fantasy Football is born!
Statistics Pro free trial available
Stats_Pro_Free_TrialYou can now try our amazing Statistics Pro service for free. Just log in to our main site or register for free if you don’t yet have an account. Then compare any teams and click Activate free trial. Confirm pop-up window will appear and after confirming the page will reload with full access to Statistics … Continue reading Statistics Pro free trial available
Statistics Pro new features
Beautiful womanOur Statistics Pro service just got couple of updates: When you compare clubs from different countries (for example Champions League and UEFA Europa League games) you will now see separately previous games of clubs from those countries and national teams from those countries (including youth teams) playing against each other: In this screenshot we compare … Continue reading Statistics Pro new features
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