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Statistics Pro new features
Beautiful womanOur Statistics Pro service just got couple of updates: When you compare clubs from different countries (for example Champions League and UEFA Europa League games) you will now see separately previous games of clubs from those countries and national teams from those countries (including youth teams) playing against each other: In this screenshot we compare … Continue reading Statistics Pro new features
Server problems fixed
error_256Update 26th May 2015 00:04 EET: Our site is working again. We apologize for this downtime. We have added 2 days extra subscription time for all paying customers because of this server downtime. Update 25th May 2015 21:59 EET: Still fixing the server. Update 25th May 2015 16:12 EET: It will take approx. 4 more … Continue reading Server problems fixed
Juventus have been waiting a Cup trophy for 20 years
iStock_000015867508XSmallBefore the big Berlin finale of the Champions League, Juventus want to win their second trophy of the season in Rome After advancing to the Champions League, Juventus have won all three points on Saturday at San Siro against Inter, even though Allegri’s team already secured the title. Juventus haven’t looked good at San Siro, … Continue reading Juventus have been waiting a Cup trophy for 20 years
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