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08.08.2009    Ліга 1 2009-2010     Офіційний сайт
Le Mans  2-2  Lyon
(1-1, 1-1)
30.05.2009 Lorient - Le Mans 1-1 Попередні матчіLyon - FC Porto 0-2 27.07.2009
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Коефіцієнти 1x2 Le MansxLyon
Pinnacle 4.25  3.36  2.03
NordicBet 4.15  3.30  1.93
Bwin 4.10  3.15  1.85
Ladbrokes 4.00  3.20  2.00
Expekt 3.80  3.10  2.05

Goal Difference table added to head-to-head statistics
We have added practical Goal Difference table to our head-to-head statistics. You can now easily see team's wins and losses by one and two goals.

Statistics Pro customers gets a lots of more out of this as they can see data for lots of more games and filter the views by odds, league, season, playoffs, regular season etc. Time Machine feature lets you go back in time to a specific date to view all the stats for teams for your research purposes. There is an easy shortcut to a Time Machine in every game detail page. You can get there by clicking any game's result.
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