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24.05.2019 23:00 CET
Toronto Marlies - Charlotte Checkers1X 2%
ComeOn 2.704.102.2594
Pinnacle 2.694.172.2294
Titan Bet 2.603.802.2091
Betsson 2.604.152.1992
Media2.65 4.06 2.22 93
25.05.2019 18:15 CET
Canada - Repubblica Ceca1X 2%
Expekt 1.954.453.3096
Betsson 1.954.503.2596
ComeOn 1.954.403.2095
Pinnacle 1.924.343.1894
Bet-at-home 1.904.423.2794
Titan Bet 1.904.203.3094
Media1.93 4.39 3.25 95
25.05.2019 13:15 CET
Russia - Finlandia1X 2%
Titan Bet 1.484.755.5094
Betsson 1.475.305.7096
Pinnacle 1.475.424.6993
ComeOn 1.475.555.3095
Expekt 1.455.406.0096
Bet-at-home 1.455.455.3994
Media1.47 5.31 5.43 95
25.05.2019 00:00 CET
Toronto Marlies - Charlotte Checkers1X 2%
Expekt 2.754.102.2595
Bet-at-home 2.583.862.1690
Media2.67 3.98 2.21 93
25.05.2019 02:00 CET
San Diego Gulls - Chicago Wolves1X 2%
Titan Bet 2.253.752.6091
ComeOn 2.204.402.6094
Bet-at-home 2.153.982.5590
Betsson 2.144.452.5592
Pinnacle 2.104.582.5892
ComeOn 2.204.452.5093
Pinnacle 2.194.432.5293
Betsson 2.194.452.5092

Goal Difference table added to head-to-head statistics
We have added practical Goal Difference table to our head-to-head statistics. You can now easily see team's wins and losses by one and two goals.

Statistics Pro customers gets a lots of more out of this as they can see data for lots of more games and filter the views by odds, league, season, playoffs, regular season etc. Time Machine feature lets you go back in time to a specific date to view all the stats for teams for your research purposes. There is an easy shortcut to a Time Machine in every game detail page. You can get there by clicking any game's result.
Gestione delle risorse finanziarie, la relazioni tra quote, vantaggio e varianza
La gestione delle risorse finanziarie e la consapevolezza della varianza sono capacità essenziali per gli scommettitori. Qual è la relazione tra le quote, il vantaggio e la varianza? Quali sono le implicazioni che hanno le variazioni delle quote sulle risorse finanziarie?

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Does intuition have a place in sports betting?
Many “casual” bettors choose their bets through “gut feeling” about what they think will happen during an event, an approach which does not lend itself to profitable betting. Does this mean more skilled bettors can rule out utilising their intuition entirely?

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Using ‘R’ for betting analysis
Gaining an edge in betting often boils down to intelligent data analysis, but faced with daunting amounts of data it can be hard to know where to start. If this sounds familiar, R – an increasingly popular statistical programming language widely used for data analysis – could be just what you’re looking for.

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The Value of Blocking Shots in the NHL
Steve Valiquette explains why players in the NHL should be selective when it comes to blocking shots.