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02.11.2011    Georgian Cup 2011-2012
FC Rustavi  2-0  Chikhura Sachkhere
(1-0, 1-0)
30.10.2011 Kolkheti 1913 Poti - FC Rustavi 3-1 Juegos anterioresChikhura Sachkhere - FC Rustavi 1-1 28.09.2011
Comparar FC Rustavi vs Chikhura Sachkhere
Comparar antes 02.11.2011 (Pro)

Cuotas 1x2 FC RustavixChikhura Sachkhere
188Bet 1.55  3.50  5.30

1. Tiempo 1x2 (1-0)FC RustavixChikhura Sachkhere
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Analysing home advantage in soccer
The advantage of playing games at home in most sports is widely accepted as fact, but is this actually the case? Is playing at home an advantage in soccer and if so, how do we measure that advantage?

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