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  Luxembourg Cup 2017-2018

Using first leg results to predict Champions League ties
Two-legged Champions League ties present an interesting opportunity for bettors. How does the first leg result affect the return fixture? How often do teams qualify after a first leg defeat? Is a 2-1 home win a good result? Read on to find out more.

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Bet Builder - Create Your Own Personalised Soccer Bet
Bet365 Bet Builder lets you create the bet you want on any Soccer match. You can select from the most popular markets and, once you have added them to your bet, you can calculate your odds. For example, you can choose Both Teams to Score, number of cards and number of corners to create one single bet with the price for the combined selections. Other bookers only allow you to bet these kind of bets as single bets, but with Bet Builder you can combine these and get better odds.

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Both Teams To Score betting analysis
Taking in-depth approach to analysing Both Teams To Score (BTTS) betting, it is clear that there is more to it than a flip of a coin. Despite the almost 50/50 statistics from a large sample size, this type of bet is dependant on the two teams playing, how they play, their previous results and even when the game is taking place.

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Analysing home advantage in soccer
The advantage of playing games at home in most sports is widely accepted as fact, but is this actually the case? Is playing at home an advantage in soccer and if so, how do we measure that advantage?

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Why is the MLS different from European soccer leagues?
The MLS is one of the World’s fastest growing and most unique soccer leagues. What makes the MLS different to European soccer leagues? Why is home field advantage so strong? What other factors make the MLS different? Read on to inform your MLS betting.

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