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30.04.2017 16:30 CET
Czech Republic - Russia1X 2%
Pinnacle 2.514.502.3896
Titan Bet 2.504.002.3593
ComeOn 2.454.302.3093
Betsson 2.454.102.3192
Expekt 2.454.052.3593
BetRedKings 2.394.002.2790
Jetbull 2.394.002.2790
30.04.2017 16:00 CET
Germany - Latvia1X 2%
Betsson 1.754.403.5593
Titan Bet 1.734.203.8093
Expekt 1.724.403.4591
Jetbull 1.704.333.5091
BetRedKings 1.694.333.5090
Pinnacle 1.695.013.9996
ComeOn 1.674.603.6592
Bet-at-home 1.674.283.3789
30.04.2017 13:00 CET
France - Belarus1X 2%
Pinnacle 2.404.362.5496
Betsson 2.384.152.4093
ComeOn 2.354.202.4593
Expekt 2.304.202.3591
Titan Bet 2.253.902.6392
30.04.2017 12:30 CET
Sweden - Finland1X 2%
Titan Bet 1.914.003.2592
Betsson 1.904.303.0592
Expekt 1.884.253.2093
ComeOn 1.874.403.2093
BetRedKings 1.854.203.1091
Pinnacle 1.854.723.4096
Jetbull 1.854.203.1091
Titan Bet 2.554.002.3594
ComeOn 2.454.302.4095
Betsson 2.454.402.4095
Bet-at-home 2.433.982.2891
BetRedKings 2.404.202.3993
Jetbull 2.404.202.3993

Fact vs. rumour in betting
Opinion is free, but information is very expensive, which is a harsh reality for bettors who derive an edge from reacting to news before the odds do. In an ever-more digitally connected world the volume of free opinion is rising exponentially, bringing us to the point of a ‘post-truth’ era. So how do you separate the signal from the noise, and what does the recent US Election tell us about that?

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Interview with a professional tennis bettor
From slots machines and poker, to stats analysis and tennis betting, the dream came true for Dan Weston, who turned his affinity for gambling into a means of making a living. Read the interview with Dan where he reveals how he profits from tennis betting on a daily basis.

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More and more bettors are turning to bookings markets in order to increase their winnings
With more and more bettors turning to the bookings markets in order to increase their winnings, Pinnacle asked their soccer expert, Mark Taylor to looks at the frequency of bookings in the major European Leagues. Who gets more cards? Defenders or attackers? The underdog or the favourite? In which month do we see more bookings? Read on to find out.

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Soccer transfers & rumours offers official lineups and expected lineups, injuries, suspensions and we now add transfer news & rumours to about 20 leagues. You will also see contract extensions and player loans and rumours. The latest news are at their own page under Soccerstats menu that says Transfer News.

From our league pages you will see Transfer News on their own tab.

This data is also integrated to our superb head-to-head statistics so you will see all the transfer news for both teams when comparing them.

New players and contract extensions can boost team’s performance and on the other hand if player is rumoured to be moving to a new team he might not give the best effort if already planning of moving to the new team.

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From actuary to sports betting
Profitable bettors come from all walks of life. Yet, if you are in the actuarial profession, you are well ahead of the curve. Here’s what Dominic Cortis, an associate actuary and current researcher in the betting markets, has to say about how actuaries can make a profit as punters.

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