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19.05.2017    Lithuanian LKL 2016-2017 Playoffs 1/2 Finals     Official Site
Žalgiris  83-60  Neptūnas
(24-16, 24-18, 20-15, 15-11)
16.05.2017 Neptūnas - Žalgiris 73-70 Previous GamesNeptūnas - Žalgiris 73-70 16.05.2017
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Odds 1x2 ŽalgirisxNeptūnas
Expekt -1667  +1300  +625

How The NBA Became The World’s Most Tech-Savvy Sports League
By building an ecosystem that involves VCs, teams, startups, and others, the league has become nimble and able to quickly adopt new technologies.

Article by Fast Company

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Bleacher Report: NBA Draft 2017: Latest Mock Draft and Teams with Most to Lose on June 22
The NBA draft is the most important time of year for many rebuilding teams. With the future of their franchises in doubt, they need to do their homework on all the top prospects so they don't end up with a bust. Some squads in this year's lottery are in especially tough spots. If they don't draft well June 22, they could be doom…
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