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09.09.2017    MLB 2017     Official Site
Toronto Blue Jays  5-4  Detroit Tigers
07.09.2017 Boston Red Sox - Toronto Blue Jays 6-1 Previous GamesDetroit Tigers - Kansas City Royals 2-13 07.09.2017
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Analysing home advantage in soccer
The advantage of playing games at home in most sports is widely accepted as fact, but is this actually the case? Is playing at home an advantage in soccer and if so, how do we measure that advantage? In this article, Dominic Cortis shares his thoughts on home team advantage in soccer.

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Bleacher Report: Avery Bradley on Pistons Trade: 'I Knew I Was Going Somewhere'
WEST VANCOUVER, British Columbia — It's easy to see how Avery Bradley can fly under the radar. Dressed in a basic black cap and polo shirt with clean, white Yeezy Boosts on his feet, the biggest casualty of the Gordon Hayward summer sweepstakes stood intently on the sidelines as his young campers powered through a series of defensiv…
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