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07.01.2012   Hong Kong Premier League 2011-2012     Официальный сайт
Sun Hei SC  1-3  Sun Pegasus
16.12.2011 Sun Hei SC - Citizen AA 2-3 Предыдущие игрыSun Pegasus - Tuen Mun Progoal 3-1 17.12.2011
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Коэффициенты 1x2 Sun Hei SCxSun Pegasus
Betfair 2.52  3.60  2.84
188Bet 2.50  3.00  2.15
Bwin 2.30  3.50  2.55

1. тайм 1x2 (-)Sun Hei SCxSun Pegasus
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Bet365 introduces new cash-out innovation, Edit Bet
Edit Bet gives you the ability to add, swap or remove selections on unsettled straight accumulators both pre-match and In-Play. For unsettled single bets, you have the facility to swap or add selections.

The Edit Bet feature is offered when Cash Out is available for all unsettled selections within your bet and where the outcome of the bet has not already been determined. This means that even if a number of selections within your accumulator have already been settled, you still have the option to use the Edit Bet feature.

When editing a bet the current Cash Out value will be used as the new stake and all prices will be updated to reflect live odds and not the initial prices taken.

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