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FAIL: The funniest basketball dunk you'll see all year.
March Madness 2017
Interview with a professional tennis bettor
From slots machines and poker, to stats analysis and tennis betting, the dream came true for Dan Weston, who turned his affinity for gambling into a means of making a living. Read the interview with Dan where he reveals how he profits from tennis betting on a daily basis.

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More and more bettors are turning to bookings markets in order to increase their winnings
With more and more bettors turning to the bookings markets in order to increase their winnings, Pinnacle asked their soccer expert, Mark Taylor to looks at the frequency of bookings in the major European Leagues. Who gets more cards? Defenders or attackers? The underdog or the favourite? In which month do we see more bookings? Read on to find out.

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Odchylenie standardowe w zakładach
Czy wiesz, że możesz korzystać z pojęcia odchylenia standardowego do przewidywania wyników zdarzeń bukmacherskich? Dowiedz się, czym jest odchylenie standardowe, jak je obliczać i jak stosować w praktyce.

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