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18.02.2012    Korean KBL 2011-2012     Official Site
Goyang Orions  105-88  Changwon LG Sakers
15.02.2012 Goyang Orions - Seoul SK Knights 96-81 Poprzednia GraDongbu Promy - Changwon LG Sakers 85-76 16.02.2012
Porównaj Goyang Orions vs Changwon LG Sakers
Porównaj before 18.02.2012 (Pro)

Kursy 1x2 Goyang OrionsxChangwon LG Sakers
Unibet 1.67  15.00  2.25
Bwin 1.60    2.25

How The NBA Became The World’s Most Tech-Savvy Sports League
By building an ecosystem that involves VCs, teams, startups, and others, the league has become nimble and able to quickly adopt new technologies.

Article by Fast Company

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