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28.09.2011   Georgian Cup 2011-2012
FC Merani Martvili  2-0  FC Tskhinvali
(1-0, 1-0)
25.09.2011 Dinamo Tbilisi - FC Merani Martvili 2-1 Previous GamesFC Tskhinvali - Kolkheti 1913 Poti 1-1 25.09.2011
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Odds 1x2 FC Merani MartvilixFC Tskhinvali
188Bet 2.03  3.25  3.10
BetRedKings 1.84  3.05  3.95
Bwin 1.83  3.20  4.00
Unibet 1.68  3.40  4.50

1. Half 1x2 (1-0)FC Merani MartvilixFC Tskhinvali
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