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16.12.2010   EHT - Channel One Cup 2010-2011
Sweden  3-5  Russia
(0-1, 2-2, 1-2)
14.11.2010 Finland - Sweden 4-1 Previous GamesCzech Republic - Russia 1-3 14.11.2010
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Moscow, Russia

3:5 (0:1,2:2,1:2)

0-1 18' Sergei MOZYAKIN (Alexander Radulov, Konstantin Korneev) - 5/4
1-1 21' Niklas PERSSON (Magnus Johansson, Robert Nilsson) - 5/4
1-2 22' Maxim AFINOGENOV
1-3 23' Alexei MOROZOV (Nikolai Belov)
2-3 23' Daniel FERNHOLM (Björn Melin)
3-3 49' Sebastian ERIXON (Björn Melin, David Rundblad) - 5/4
3-4 55' Nikolai BELOV (Alexei Kaygorodov, Alexei Morozov)
3-5 60' Danis ZARIPOV (Alexei Morozov, Alexei Kaygorodov) - 5/6

Stefan LIV (Daniel Larsson) - Daniel Fernholm, David Petrasek, Magnus Johansson, Mattias Ekholm, David Rundblad, Sebastian Erixon, Staffan Kronwall, Daniel Brodin -Nicklas Danielsson, Mattias Sjögren, Jimmie Ericsson - Robert Nilsson, Niklas Persson, Martin Thörnberg - Björn Melin, Fredrik Warg, Joakim Lindström - Dick Axelsson, Marcus Krüger, Jakob Silfverberg
Head coach : Per MÄRTS

Vasili KOSECHKIN (Konstantin Barulin) - Ilya Nikulin, Nikolai Belov, Konstantin Korneev, Denis Grebeshkov, Alexei Emelin, Denis Kulyash, Evgeni Biryukov, Alexander Guskov - Danis Zaripov, Alexei Kaygorodov, Sergei Mozyakin - Alexander Radulov, Igor Grigorenko, Alexei Morozov - Konstantin Gorovikov, Maxim Afinogenov, Enver Lisin - Alexander Kalyanin, Gennadi Churilov, Alexander Galimov
Head coach : Vyacheslav BYKOV

10+11+9=30Goalie Saves7+9+8=24
4x2min Penalty Mins6x2min
2  Power Play Goals   1
9 875  Attendance

Odds 1x2 SwedenxRussia
Betfair 4.80  5.50  1.61
Betsafe 4.60  4.80  1.50
Ladbrokes 4.50  4.75  1.55
NordicBet 4.30  4.75  1.57
Expekt 4.10  4.50  1.60

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