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07.09.2011   NextGen series 2011-2012 Group 2     Oficiální stránka
Molde U19  0-4  Liverpool U19
(0-1, 0-3)
18.08.2011 Molde U19 - Wolfsburg U19 3-1 Předcházející zápasLiverpool U19 - Sporting Lisbon U19 0-3 17.08.2011
Porovnat Molde U19 vs Liverpool U19
Porovnat před 07.09.2011 (Pro)


Toni Silva scored twice as Liverpool U19s got their first victory in the NextGen Series after a four-star display against Molde at the Aker Stadion on Wednesday night.

The young Reds were full value for the victory and played some fantastic football at times with the Molde defence finding the pace of Borrell's side in attack too hot to handle.

Kurzy 1x2 Molde U19xLiverpool U19
10Bet 2.90  3.41  2.10
10Bet 2.56  3.29  2.32
188Bet 2.45  3.40  2.40

1. Poločas 1x2 (0-1)Molde U19xLiverpool U19
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